28 July 2020 @ 8 pm Fountain Cottage

Present               C Sellers, N Taylor, L Oulsnam, V Nottage, K Warrington, R Wain, E Wain (SMDC)

                             P Watson (Clerk)                          

Apologies           C Hibbert-Foy


     Minutes of the meeting held on 14 January were read and signed as true and correct.

National Trust

     The car park construction work is currently on hold but the drains are not a problem during the summer months.

     Sadly, NT have made Paul Mortimer redundant but C Sellers will contact him to find out who will be dealing with the Church Path in future.

Improving Village Environment

     C Sellers and N Taylor have put some bricks into the big hole opposite Town End Cottage.

     The Clerk has written to Bob Sellers and the Andersons thanking them for their efforts in the village.

     Because visitors keep putting litter and dog poo in the planter on Thorpe Road, R Wain will move it to a new location by Gate lodge.

     The Clerk advised that there is still £140 available to buy seeds, bulbs, plants and shrubs.


     The No Through Road sign for Castern Spur is still at Warrington’s garage. R Wain will remind Liz White and the Tempertons.

     The Clerk has already reported the yellow line outside Orchard View that has been obliterated by the drainage works. Highways Department have put it on their list to be rectified.

     The Clerk will enquire if it is possible to have double yellow lines on the north side of the road in front of the village houses and up to the school.

     The Council understands that Derbyshire Highways are planning to put double yellow lines down Thorpe Pastures. This could push the obstructive parking over to Blore Pastures so the Clerk will ask if we could also have double yellow lines there.

     There is frequent traffic congestion around the county boundary. C Sellers will discuss with Thorpe PC the possibility of applying to have traffic lights at the double bridges. She will also ask Bob Evans if he can put out a car park full sign at the turn to Dovedale when appropriate.

     There have been more near misses by the monument and Ilam Hall entrance so the Clerk will ask for the white lines to be repainted urgently.

     The Council agreed that much better signage to Dovedale is needed so the Clerk will request this.


     The latest payment for the lengthsman’s scheme has been received and passed on to the lengthsman. The Council has registered for the scheme for the coming year.


     There is £778 in the account. Expected expenditure for the rest of the financial year is £656 while income of £600 will be received. So the year-end balance at the end of March should be £722.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 08 September 2020.