14 May 2019 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present C Sellers, V Nottage, C Hibbert-Foy, R Wain, L Oulsnam, N Taylor

E Wain (SMDC), F Harrower (NT), P Watson (Clerk)

Apologies K Warrington


      Minutes of the meeting held on 12 March were read and signed as true and correct.

National Trust

      The Contractors have checked and found that the culvert under the road is completely clear so the recent overflow from the drains in the Croft must have been caused by high flow levels that the culvert cannot cope with. Steps are being taken to try and divert some of the water upstream.

      A planning application is being made for a fixed bridge to replace the rope bridge. The new bridge should be in by the end of the summer.

Peak Park

      A letter from the outgoing Parish Member was noted.

      The planning application for radon mitigating measures at the school has been approved.

      Various serious problems have been noted around the Blore Pastures car park. The Clerk will write to the Chair of the Park Authority about:

o        Stones taken from the walls

o        Health risks of neighbouring fields and Blore Pastures Wood being used as toilets and rubbish dumps

o        Water being taken from animal drinking troughs

o        Sheep being chased

Improving Village Environment

      The tractor tyre has been installed and filled with topsoil and CW will plant it up.

      The banking opposite Town End Cottage has been covered with topsoil and grass seed planted.

      RW will obtain limestone chippings/dust for the new path formed between the bank and the bollards.

      RW will organise the new plant tubs and obtain chains and locks to attach them to the village signs. VN will plant the one by her house and CS the one near hers.

      R Wain will repaint the board when there is some fine weather.


      Ian Frith has moved the unit to the school.


      It is now known that the Dovedale coach lay-by is the property of Peak Park. The Clerk will therefore ask Peak Park to install more signs to supplement the small existing one that is often overgrown.

      The Clerk will report the following issues County Highways and copy County Councillor Gill Heath:

o        Broken bollards by Ilam Bridge

o        Loose stones on the bridge parapet

o        Driftwood stuck under the bridge

o        The gatepost at Blore crossroads needs to be re-erected, if possible further off the road.


      The Council approved the expenditure of 344 for topsoil and 50 for defibrillator relocation.

      There is 954 in the account before the above expenditure, which will leave a balance of 560.

Date of next meeting The next meeting will be on 09 July.