12 March 2019 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present                 C Sellers, R Wain, L Oulsnam, N Taylor, K Warrington, E Wain (SMDC), P Mortimer (NT), F Harrower (NT)

                                P Watson (Clerk)                             

Apologies           V Nottage, C Hibbert-Foy


      Minutes of the meeting held on 15 January were read and signed as true and correct.

National Trust

      The Council expressed their disappointment in NT for awarding the contract for Hinkley Rope Bridge to a design that could not possibly work. They were further dismayed to learn that the bridge had been fully paid for though clearly unfit for purpose and that NT had decided not to try to recover the money.  The permanent replacement bridge will not be ready for at least five months.

      Evidence has been submitted to SMDC for a Public Space Protection Order to limit anti-social behaviour in Dovedale.

      Silviculture and river improvement activities are continuing in Dovedale.

      The next stage for the car park on the old caravan site at Ilam Hall should be complete by May and a planning application will be submitted for parking in the Croft to reduce the number of employees’ cars parked in the village.

      NT will again investigate the drainage blockage that is resulting in flooding across the road.

Bunding Opposite Town End Cottage, etc

      Three bags of topsoil will be obtained around the beginning of April. R Wain, C Sellers, N Taylor and P Watson will spread it over the bunding.

      R Wain will bring the large tractor tyre on a trailer for C Sellers to assess suitability and, if ok, NT have been asked to help unload it.  The two plant tubs will be requested for the end of March.


      R Wain has identified the location where it should be installed at the school and get Ian Frith to look at the logistics of moving it from Warrington’s garage.

      The First Responders advise that approval and funding has been secured for a new unit at Dovedale car park.  The Parish Council will not have to contribute to any ongoing costs.

Notice Board

      R Wain will repaint the board when there is some fine weather.


      No Through Road signs for Castern spur will be a priority for the coming year’s Divisional Highways Programme fund.

      C Sellers will phone Mrs Pearce about the Dovedale coach parking lay by.  If she confirms that the area was donated to the County Council solely for this purpose the Clerk will contact them again about it.

      Mrs Pearce has kindly offered to pay for a “No Fires” notice on her land opposite Bridge View. 

      The Clerk will impress upon the County Council that the Church Path is in a dangerous state and needs urgent repair.

      The Clerk will report that drains urgently need clearing – especially those above and below the school.

Peak Park

      Plans for radon mitigation measures for Ilam School were reviewed – the Council will support the application.

Best Kept Village

      The Council decided not to enter this year while the topsoil for the bunding and other measures are incomplete.


      When the Clerk receives the nomination papers he will fill in what he can then call a meeting at the Chairwoman’s house where the forms can be completed.


      The Council approved the expenditure of £60 for the SPCA annual subscription and £35 for Clerk’s expenses.

      There is £854.28 in the account with expenditure of £310 and income of £100 expected in the remainder of the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £644.

Any Other Business

      The Council recently reported anti-social behaviour opposite Bridge View to local police who have notified the owners of the culprits’ cars that this is unacceptable.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 14 May (AGM).