15 January 2019 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present                 C Sellers, R Wain, L Oulsnam, V Nottage, N Taylor, C Hibbert-Foy, E Wain (SMDC)                             

Apologies           K Warrington, P Mortimer (NT)


      Minutes of the meeting held on 11 November were read and signed as true and correct.

National Trust

      The National Trust sent apologies that no one was available to attend but said there were no major issues to report.

Bunding Opposite Town End Cottage, etc

      R Wain reported that he could obtain half ton bags of topsoil from Lester Lowe at £40 each delivered.  He estimated that four bags would be needed.   C Sellers offered to provide the grass seed and plants needed.  The Council decided to tackle the work after the worst of the winter is hopefully over following their next meeting in March.

      R Wain will get the two plant tubs to go by the village signs and supply one or two used tractor tyres to be positioned on the grass near to the bridge to prevent parking there.  They will be filled with soil and have flowers planted in them.


      The defibrillator is now working correctly with the new battery that the Council have bought.  It is still considered advisable to relocate it to the school, who are happy to have it there.  R Wain will ask Ian Frith about the cost of disconnecting it at Warrington’s garage and providing new electrical wiring to install it at the school.  District Councillor Wain kindly offered to support an application for £100 of funding to cover any costs.


      The Clerk will again report the need for a “No Through Road Sign” at the road to Casterne.

      The Clerk will remind D Greatbatch of Highways Department to clarify the situation about the coach parking lay by.

      The County Council have set the priority of repairs to the Church Path as to be done when funds are available.

Peak Park

      Peak Park planners have informed the Council that the micro brewery at Damgate Farm is so small is to not need planning permission.  However, it was noted that effluent from the brewing process is running down to Lower Damgate and contaminating their pond.

      The operators of the brewery at Damgate have applied for a license to sell their beers online and at a shop.  It is not clear if such a shop will be located at the Farm.  The Council will wait to see if any planning application is made regarding this.


      The Council noted that the process to elect new councillors will start shortly after their next meeting.


      The Council approved the expenditure of £155 for web hosting and domain registration for the village website.

      District Councillor Wain gave his opinion that it is legitimate for the Council to make donations to organisations such as the school and the Community Magazine that benefit the community.

      The Clerk reported that there is £949 in the account with expenditure of £400 and income of £100 expected in the remainder of the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £649.

      The budget for 2019/20 was discussed and it was agreed that around £780 will be needed.  A precept of £800, as per last year, will be requested to cover this expenditure, leaving a reserve of around £650 for any contingencies.

Any Other Business

      The Council accepted R Wain’s kind offer to repaint the notice board for no charge.

      The Clerk reminded members about the meeting in Leek on 16 Jan about the hospital there.

      C Sellers, N Taylor and C Hibbert-Foy will investigate the possibility of entering the Best Kept Village competition.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 12 March.