13 November 2018 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present                 C Sellers, R Wain, L Oulsnam, V Nottage, N Taylor, K Warrington, E Wain (SMDC)

                                D Greatbatch (County Highways), P Mortimer (NT), D Noble (WACFR), N Drummond (WACFR)

                                PC5233 T Finneron (Police), PC5567 R Mason (Police), P Watson (Clerk)

Apologies           C Hibbert-Foy


      Minutes of the meeting held on 25 September were read and signed as true and correct.


      Dovedale House are not prepared for their new defibrillator to be accessible to the public so the Parish Council decided they should try to continue providing a public one of their own.   It would need to be moved away from Warrington’s coach washing area and the school have kindly offered to site it there subject to any required permissions – V Nottage will liaise with them on this.

      The First Responders (WACFR) think the defibrillator may well still be in working order – just needing a new battery.  They will check the unit and advise the Parish Clerk.  Then if it is ok and can be moved to the school the Council will buy a new battery and take responsibility for the unit with the point of contact in future being the Parish Clerk.

      The First Responders will advise the Clerk if it is still possible to get a free replacement heating plate for the unit.

Anti-Social Behaviour in Dovedale

      The Police advise that it would be very difficult to get a Public Space Protection Order for Dovedale – it would require a very large volume of reported incidents and even then be a lengthy process.  Nevertheless, it will greatly help the Police if all incidents are reported to them, especially if any vehicle registration numbers can be included. 

      Councillors are therefore requested to report all incidents they see, or hear of, to the Parish Clerk, who will pass then on to the Police.  The Clerk will also publish in the Community Magazine a request for the public to report all incidents to the Police – either directly or via him.


      D Greatbatch will investigate why car drivers who park in the coach lay-by are not being prosecuted.

      The Clerk will let D Greatbatch know the enquiry numbers of the reports about the required “No Through Road Sign” at the road to Casterne.

      The Clerk will notify D Greatbatch and C Sellers of the enquiry number of his report of the defects in the Church Path.

National Trust

      P Mortimer thanked the villagers for their forbearance regarding the number of lorries passing through to undertake the car park extension work, which should be completed this week and the car park operational by December.

      He also gave news of work on tree safety work & river restoration, sign in Dovedale, rope bridge across the Manifold, and new Visitor Experience Officer.

      There are also plans to make a new entrance from the car park to the stable block through what is presently part of Hall Cottage’s garden, to make a new disabled toilet and to upgrade the Tea Rooms.

Bunding Opposite Town End Cottage

      V Nottage will investigate the provision of topsoil to complete the bunding prior to grass seed planting.

Community Magazine

      The Council received a very nice letter of thanks for their contribution to the Community Newsletter.


      The Clerk reported that there is £1,224 in the account with expenditure of £350 and income of £20 expected in the remainder of the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £894 at the year end.  However the meeting identified further possible expenditure of £280 for plant tubs and defibrillator battery together with income of £50 from the sale of scaffolding that would leave the year-end balance at £664.

      The Clerk will check with District Councillor Wain if it is legitimate for the Council to make donations to organisations such as the school and the Community Magazine.

Any Other Business

      Our MP has organised a Seniors Tea Dance to be held from 3pm to 5pm on Friday 7 December at Moorlands House in Leek.  The Clerk has ticket application forms for anyone who would like to go.

      R Wain can get troughs for flowers to go under the village signs for £50 each – the Council asked him to get two.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 15 January.