25 September 2018 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present    C Sellers, R Wain, C Hibbert-Foy, L Oulsnam

                   E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk)

Apologies           V Nottage, K Warrington, National Trust


      Minutes of the meeting held on 10 July were read and signed as true and correct.


      Only one application to join the Council was received – from Nigel Taylor.  The members unanimously agreed to co-opt him to the Council.  Forms for Acceptance of Office and Declaration of Interests  were sent for him to complete and return to the Clerk who will send them on to the District Council.


      Together with Nick Bonsal, the Clerk has looked at the work to be done in bunding up the area opposite Town End Cottage.  In particular, the area beyond the plastic bollards will need stabilising with rubble before earth is put on top.   Rubble and earth is available from Robbie Sellers, Richard Wain and Carolyn Hibbert-Foy.  Most people are available to help with the work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so the Clerk will ask Nick Bonsall if he can be available on one of these days as soon as possible.


      Our MP, Karen Bradley, has contacted the Regional Manager of SCC Superfast Staffordshire who advised that our area is within their current programme for upgrade with longstop date of summer 2019.

National Trust

      The County Council have told us that problems of anti-social behaviour in Dovedale might be addressed with a Public Space Protection Order and offered to send a member of the highways team to discus this.  The Clerk will ask them to send someone to the next meeting and also invite a representative from Staffordshire Police.

      Zoe Stevens has moved away from Ilam so future liaison with the Council will be handled by Paul Mortimer.

      The car park extension is well underway and expected to be complete around the end of November.

Peak Park

      The Council examined the planning application to replace the information sign in Dovedale and agreed to support the proposed development.

      Despite the new signs at Blore Pastures car park exhorting visitors not to light fires and take their rubbish home, there have still been people lighting fires there.  The police have issued warnings so the people have moved on and have recently been meeting and having fires on land belonging to Oxleisure Farm.  The Clerk will warn Robert Smith that this is happening.


      The Chairwoman will again report the potholes in the Church Path.

      The Clerk will remind Highways Department again about the No Through Road sign for Castern.

      The Clerk will request that he silt traps at Lower Damgate be emptied next time the drains are cleared there.

Community Magazine

      The Council decided to make a £50 donation towards the cost of producing the magazine.


      There is £992 in the account.  Expenditure of £400 and income of £401 is expected in the remainder of the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £993 at the year end.  The Council will consider amenities that the money could be spent on, such as plant tubs by the village sign(s).

      The Council approved the Clerk’s expenses for stationery, postage and Data Controller registration.

Any Other Business

      The Council thanks:

o        Richard Wain for clearing the moles in the village,

o        Paul Watson for his work as Clerk,

o        Brenda Anderson for the flower round the monument,

o        Bob Sellers for the mowing in the village.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 13 November.