10 July 2018 @ 8 pm Ilam School

Present    C Sellers, V Nottage, R Wain, K Warrington, C Hibbert-Foy, L Oulsnam

                   E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk), M Morley (NT), N Collins (Dovedale House), C Jones (Observer), T Moss (YHA)


      Minutes of the meeting held on 08 May were read and signed as true and correct.


      The Council was sad to hear of S Hudson’s resignation.  The Clerk will write thanking him for many years of service.

      L Oulsnam was nominated as new Vice-Chairperson by C Sellers and seconded R Wain.  There being no other nominations she was duly elected to the position.


      Parking enforcement is very good except for cars parked in the coaches’ lay-by.  E Wain will raise this directly with his County Council contacts and the Clerk will write asking them to ensure that action is taken for illegal parking there.

      Although no longer a Council member, S Hudson is still willing to help create the earth bank opposite Town End Cottage.  N Bonsall has also volunteered to help.  The Clerk will write to them both explaining what is required.

      C Jones of Town End Cottage asked if it would be possible to create a “residents only” parking bay for her and her guests but the Council felt it would be difficult to enforce and would encourage others to park in or near the bay.  The Council offered their support regards planning and contracting for creation of her own drive in future.


      Our MP, Karen Bradley, has responded to the Council’s request to assist in securing a faster broadband service.  She asks for details of what speed is being received and at what cost to the customer.  The speed is typically 1.5 to 3.0 Mbps.  Councillors are requested to email the Clerk with details of monthly costs to he can respond to the MP.

      Properties in Ilam village are connected via Thorpe exchange and their Parish Council report that it is due to be upgraded to a fibre connection by 2020.  M Morley told the meeting that business in Ilam could ask for “Fibre to the Premises”, which would deliver much faster speeds but be very expensive to install.

National Trust

      The drains in the Croft should be ok now but the proof will only come after the next heavy rain.

      There will be a consultation event for the villagers about the “Inspirational Ilam” from 2pm to 8pm on 18 September.

      Peak Park has approved the plans for the car park extension and work is expected to be complete by November.

      PC members said that problems continue with gangs of youths congregating in Dovedale in the evenings causing a nuisance and taking drugs.  The police request that all incidents be reported by calling 101 and asking for “Prevent”.

Peak Park

      The Clerk will write to Peak Park again to ask about any progress regarding the rubbish left on their Blore Pastures car park and the fires that are lit there.  Incidents should be reported by calling 101 and asking for “Prevent”.


      N Collins informed the meeting that Dovedale House is in process of acquiring its own defibrillator.  The Council decided that the existing one at Warrington’s garage should therefore be removed as it is old, unreliable and not waterproof.  Once removed, a sign may be directed in its place saying that there is a unit at Dovedale House.  The Clerk will write to the First Responders informing them of the decision and thanking them for their help in checking and maintaining the unit during its life.


      The clerk will again report the potholes in the Church Path and E Wain will talk to Mark Deaville about it.

      The Clerk will remind Highways Department again about the No Through Road sign for Castern.

      The Council monitor their effectiveness of the new drains in the next heavy rain.

      C Sellers has reported the potholes by Town End Cottage.  


      There is £1052 in the account.  Expenditure of £455 and income of £401 is expected in the remainder of the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £998 at the year end.  The Council will consider amenities that the money could be spent on, such as plant tubs by the village sign(s).

      The Council unanimously passed a resolution: “To remove Stuart Hudson as a bank signatory and add Lindsay Oulsnam.”  The appropriate bank mandate request form was completed and the Clerk will send it to the bank.

Date of next meeting    The next meeting will be on 25 September – not the 11th as originally planned.