08 May 2018 @ 8:25 pm Ilam School

Present -              C Sellers, S Hudson, V Nottage, R Wain, K Warrington

E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk), L Barley (NT), G Nottage (Observer)

Apologies -         L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy


      Minutes of the meeting held on 13 March were read and signed as true and correct.


      The parking enforcement was initially very good with cars illegally parked on the double yellow lines and in the coach parking being tickets.  However, recently it has not been as thorough.  E Wain has already raised the issue with Terry Crawford at the County Council and will do so again.

      S Hudson hopes to create the bank in the space opposite Town End Cottage next week.  The Clerk will check with Highways Department regarding the bollards and the pipe for drainage to be built into the bank.


      V Nottage has found that it is not possible for villagers to connect to NT’s high speed line and the local exchange at Thorpe has no high-speed fibre connection and is not included in the roll-out as BT considers it uneconomical.  The Clerk will ask Thorpe Parish Council if they are prepared to raise the issue and he will also write to our MP.

National Trust

      The planning application to extend the car park has been submitted to Peak Park.

      The Inspirational Ilam project is well underway – Zoe Stevens is planning for a consultation process and events for local residents, and should be in touch over the next few months.

      There are problems with the rope bridge and a landslip that are gradually being sorted out.

      Contractors are due to start work on the drains in the Croft in the next week.  If there if no rapid progress the Environmental Health Department will be called in because of the raw sewage emerging from drains.

      There are frequent problems with gangs of youths congregating in Dovedale in the evenings causing a nuisance and taking drugs.  NT is collecting evidence in the hopes of getting an order to close the road to the stepping stones in the evenings.  The Clerk will write to Mark Deaville of the County Council and copy the Chief Constable.

      NT will investigate the French drain in the school playing field that is not working.

Peak Park

      The Clerk will write to Peak Park about the rubbish that is continually left on their Blore Pastures car park and the fires that are lit there.


      The battery was damaged by heat and is no longer working.  The suppliers have provided a part-used one to tide us over until a new one can be bought.  However, it seems that the heating element in the box gets far too hot and in any case the box is old and needs replacing and also re-siting away from where Warrington’s wash their coaches.  Dovedale House is considering getting its own unit in which case the Council would abandon theirs.  K Warrington will discuss with Dovedale House.


      The clerk has reported the potholes in the Church Path – Highways Department action is awaited.

      The Clerk will remind Highways Department about the No Through Road sign for Castern that was due to be installed in April. 

Data Protection

      The Government has tabled an amendment to the bill for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will exempt Parish Councils from the need to have a Data Protection Officer.

      Following the GDPR training, the Clerk has found that the Council should register a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office at a cost of £40 per year.  He volunteered to register himself as the Controller and the Council approved the expenditure.


      There is £727 in the account.  Expenditure of £796 and income of £908 is expected in the financial year to 31 March 2019, which would leave a balance of £839 at the year end.

Date of next meeting    10 July