21 March 2017 @ 8:00 pm Ilam School

Present -              T Prince, C Sellers, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, Stuart Hudson, Richard Wain, Vera Nottage

E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk), P Mortimer (NT), K Warrington (observer)

Minutes of the meeting held on 10 January were read and signed as true and correct.

National Trust

      NT has not yet had the meeting with the Peak Park Tree Officer to decide about the dead tree.

      The new car park signs have been approved by Peak Park Planning.

      NT would like to work in partnership with the Youth Hostel, Dovedale House, the church, the school and village to secure Heritage Lottery Funding for future developments.  C Hibbert-Foy suggested that the Parish Council should nominate one person to work with NT on this and volunteered to do so.  It was suggested that the church could do likewise.

      The Historic Landscape Analysis has been completed.

      It is proposed that the old wooden footbridge could be replaced by a rope bridge

      Upcoming events include Dovedale Fete, the Leaden Boot Challenge, a Family Trail and the Eroica vintage cycle event.


      NT is bringing forward the proposed increase in parking provision – looking for approval in May with implementation within a year.  Meanwhile parking in Wheel Orchard for the Easter Egg Hunt is proposed subject to S Hudson’s permission.

      The meeting with County Council representatives agreed that:

o          Existing yellow lines be refreshed and existing (confusing) parking signs be removed with new signs similar to Milldale showing a restricted zone from the well to the Izaak Walton.  This can then easily be enforced by a drive past of a vehicle with number plate recognition camera;

o          Double yellow lines to extend to the footpath to Bunster Hill beyond Town End Cottage – the footpath will need to be extended by 20 metres – in liaison with D Rushton;

o          No restrictions are needed on the Dovedale car park access road;

o          Parking restrictions from the school up to Park Cottage with certain exceptions in the morning and afternoon to allow for dropping off and picking up of school children.  The plans for a car park by the school should be resubmitted;

o          Angela Nutter will draw up plans for consideration.

      The Clerk will write to Gill Heath thanking her for a very constructive meeting and asking about the process for resubmitting the plans for a car park by the school.

      The Clerk has yet to contact Robert Smith about the possibility of providing parking at Ilam Meadows Farm.


      The Clerk will report the potholes on the road between Okeover Park and Calton Moor crossroads.

      The Council will not agree to a plaque by Ilam Bridge but will suggest a memorial tree instead.

      Since the village drains were upgraded Warrington’s are getting water in one of their service pits and in the house next door.  The Clerk will arrange a meeting with D Rushton and K Warrington.


      The Council discussed C Hibbert-Foy’s latest application NP/SM/0217/0139 in the light of letters from her and her neighbours and decided to support her application.

Transparency Code

      After much discussion the Council decided that there should be separate websites for the village and the Parish Council.  The Clerk will investigate the best way to do this.

Village Assets

      The Council gave a vote of thanks to R Wain for renovating the notice board and reinstalling it.

      Noting that Brian Allen had expressed interest in providing a memorial to his father, Geoff, the Council decided that a memorial in the church would be best.  The Clerk will suggest he contacts the PCC if he wishes to go ahead.

Community Council of Staffordshire

      It was decided not to enter the best kept village competition and to remove the plaque recording the win in 1993.

      The Clerk was given details of village events to send to the Community Council for their online diary.


      There is £527 in the account with upcoming expenditure in the region of £450.  The next precept of £800 to be paid in April and should allow funds to be built up for the next Parish Council Elections.

Any Other Business

      C Sellers asked for it to be minuted that she did not agree with correspondence and publications relating to planning applications being shown on the PC website.  The Clerk will investigate if they can legally be removed and if so, do it.

Next Meeting 09 May (AGM)