13 September 2016 @ 8:00 pm Ilam School

Present -              T Prince, C Sellers, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy

E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk), P Mortimer (NT), R Gray (observer)

Apologies -         V Nottage, R Wain, S Hudson,

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 July were read and signed as true and correct.


      The planning application for Lower Damgate Farm went before the Peak Park Planning Committee on 12 August but the decision has been deferred to a later date. 

      The NT covenant on the land off Ilam Moor Lane where David Wain wants to build a new house has been released with some conditions relating to landscaping, etc.  Construction is expected to start next spring.

      Full planning approvals will be sought for any development of holiday cottages at Castern Hall though nothing is expected to happen in the near future.


      The meeting with Gill Heath and Mark Deaville was held on 09 August.  They are willing to consider extending the parking restrictions but nothing can happen until next year because this year’s entire budget has already been spent.  Since then they have written to say that investigations will start in April and asking the Parish Council  to:

o     determine if the school would support the extended parking restrictions;

o     consider the times of day and annual period when restrictions should apply;

o     provide a map of where the restrictions should apply on the Thorpe Road;

o     consider whether some parking should be allowed on the Thorpe Road where it is wide enough.

      The Council therefore decided to:

o     advise the school that the Council wish to extend the parking restrictions and suggest that the road there should be designated as no parking but waiting would be allowed for a maximum of 10 minutes for dropping off or collecting children;

o     check on the parking restrictions at Milldale to see if their schedule of restrictions might be suitable for Ilam;

o     recommend that no parking be allowed on the Thorpe Road and that the sign for Dovedale Car Park be made more prominent;

o     write to the County Council about these decisions and send them the required map of Thorpe Road;

o     write to the Police asking that their officers take action on obstructive parking whenever they see it in the village.

Village signs

      The new signs will be installed by the Highways Team on 15 September.


      Extensive works are underway to permanently improve the drains throughout the village.  As part of the work the parking area between Orchard View and the school has been suitably edged with tarmac so no action is required by the National Trust.


      The blocked rains at Damgate will be reported.

      A more prominent sign will be requested at Blore crossroads to stop long vehicles descending to Ilam bridge and then being unable to negotiate the sharp bend there.

      More grit bins on the steep approaches to the village will be requested.

      Highways Department will be reminded to replace the lamp on the post by the school.

National Trust

      P Mortimer advised that consultation on the new plans will probably be early next year.

      There is no decision on the dead tree yet but a conclusion is expected soon.


      There is £164 in the account plus £306 precept to come in September and £134 VAT refund, giving £604 for the remainder of the financial year when outgoings are expected to be approximately £200.

Next Meeting – 08 November 2016.