12 July 2016 @ 7:30 pm Ilam School

Present -              T Prince, C Sellers, V Nottage, R Wain, S Hudson,

P Watson (Clerk), L Barley (NT), R Gray (observer)

Apologies -         L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, E Wain (SMDC)

Minutes of the meeting held on 10 May were read and signed as true and correct.

Matters arising

      The planning application for Lower Damgate Farm will go before the Peak Park Planning Committee on 12 August.


      The Council agreed that there should be double yellow lines up Ilam Moor Lane as far as Park Cottage and along Thorpe Road as far as the bridge.  The Clerk will contact Gill Heath to discuss this and arrange a meeting if necessary.


      Four quotations were received from three different suppliers, each with separate prices for the signs and the installation.  To keep costs within the £600 budget the Council decided to install the signs themselves.

      Two quotations, both for aluminium signs, were within budget: £510 from Robert Lewis of Swadlincote and £600 from Acres Signs of Ashbourne. 

      The Council would prefer the more local supplier so the Clerk will try to negotiate a lower price with Acres Signs.


      NT have repaired the potholes in the church path using concrete.

      The County Highways Liaison Officer advises that that the delay in the work on the drains is because the number of highway teams has been reduced from two to one.  The remaining team has higher priority work at the moment but Ilam’s drains are still on the list.  The Clerk will contact the Liaison Officer again and remind him to contact the Clerk when the work is to be done so that the two newly identified drains by Ilam Hall gates can be pointed out.

      NT are investigating what to do about the repairs to the parking area between Orchard View and the school.

      A new street lamp similar to others in the village has been made and the highways department will install it outside the school to replace the temporary one there.

      The verges on Ilam Moor Lane and Thorpe Road are now so overgrown as to present a danger to walkers and motorists.  The Clerk will ask the highways department to cut them back as soon as possible.

      The Clerk will report the potholes on Lodge Lane and the broken road surface on Ilam Moor Lane on the bend above the Moorlands.

National Trust

      L Barley advised that the Regional Board has approved the draft Ilam Visitor Experience Design Plan and Peak Park representatives have visited and also approve.  P Mortimer will attend the next PC meeting and give details.

      The Council rejected the idea of merely reducing the tree so L Barley agreed to work with his colleagues to see if they can find an acceptable way to entirely remove this particular tree in accordance with the Council’s strongly stated wishes.

Queen’s Birthday

      Thanks were expressed to all involved in organising the Queen’s birthday celebration, especially V Nottage.

District Council

      SMDC advises that they can no longer empty dog poo bins, not even if the Parish Council provides the bins.


      There is £776 in the account with a further £305 to come in September by way of the precept.

      Foreseen outgoings for the remainder of the financial year are approximately £200 plus the cost of the village signs.


      The Clerk was asked to find out about the proposed development of holiday cottages at Castern Hall and when the Council might receive a planning application from the Peak Park for consideration.

      Antisocial behaviour on summer evenings is becoming a problem in Dovedale.  NT have asked the police to increase patrols and are looking at getting an order to put a locked gate on the road to the stepping stones, even though it is currently a public highway.

Next Meeting – 13 September 2016.