10 May 2016 @ 7:20 pm Ilam School

Present -              T Prince, C Sellers, V Nottage, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, R Wain, S Hudson,

E Wain (SMDC), P Watson (Clerk), P Mortimer (NT), Z Stevens (NT), K Warrington (observer)

Minutes of the meetings held on 08 March and 21 April were read and signed as true and correct.


      The Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and Financial Regulations that had been prepared by the Clerk were adopted.


      T Prince and R Wain declared interests in Councillor Hibbert-Foy’s planning application NP/SM/0915/0895 for Lower Damgate Farm and left the meeting for discussion of this item.  C Sellers took over the Chair for this item.

      C Hibbert-Foy was invited to speak for three minutes in support of her application after which she answered some questions from the Councillors and then left the meeting.

      A letter from a neighbour, John Clarke, objecting to the application was circulated to the Councillors.

      The Councillors discussed and agreed to support the application with certain recommended conditions.  Their full response, which the Clerk will send to Peak Park, is shown at the end of these minutes.


      The Council reluctantly concluded that the only practical measure to stop obstructive parking was to have double yellow lines.  Initially they should be along the road from the village to the entrance to Dovedale car park.  If this proves successful in this area but problems persist in other areas then double yellow lines from the school to Park Cottage may also be considered.  E Wain will arrange the long awaited meeting with County Council representatives.


      The County Council will only replace village signs that are broken or worn out so the Council, having already made appropriate financial provision, will go ahead with their own signs with a budget of around £600.  The Clerk will obtain at least two quotations.

      Considering the cost involved, it was decided not to apply to the County Council for an official sign to the church that would be located in the village centre.  Alternative solutions will be explored.


      NT will repair the potholes in the church path using concrete, which should be more durable than previous patches.

      The Clerk will contact the County Highways Liaison Officer to find out when the work on the drains might take place and to advise him about the ones that have been identified by Ilam Hall gates.

      The parking area between Orchard View and the school needs repair.  NT will address the issue as this is their land.

      The broken street lamp by the school has been repaired with a very modern style light that does not match others in the village.  The Clerk will ask if it can be replaced with one similar to the others.

National Trust

      P Mortimer advised that the Regional Board is considering the plans for Ilam Park and he expects to have news of their decision by the next Parish Council meeting.

      The Chief Ranger, L Barley, will attend the next meeting and discuss the dead tree.

Queen’s Birthday

      The PCC is interested in having some event on the Queen’s official birthday, Sunday 12 June, and NT would also like to be involved.  V Nottage will liaise with them for a possible event in the Croft or on the Leisures.  The Clerk will check if the Council’s insurance covers firework displays.

      The Clerk thanked the Council members for distributing the commemorative medals.


      Payments for the Council insurance and for bulbs around the monument were approved.

      After those payments there will be £470.49 in the account with a further £600 to come by way of the precept.


      The Council might like to install dog poo bins in the village, but only if the District Council will empty them regularly.  The Clerk will ask SMDC if they will do this.

Next Meeting – 12 July 2016.


Planning Application Number – NP/SM/0915/0895 – Lower Damgate Farm, Ilam


The comments of Ilam Parish Council on the relisted application are as follows:


Four members of the Council have considered the application.  Three members did not take part as one member is the applicant and a further two members have possible interests in the matter.  The Council took into account: the application as received from PDNPA, objections from a neighbour and a brief presentation by the applicant.


The Council noted that the amended plans include further measures to reduce noise levels and highway obstruction that could cause annoyance to neighbours.  The Council believes that the proposed development is in accordance with Government policy regarding rural diversification and will bring benefits to the area with increased business for local caterers, accommodation providers, workers at the events and wedding ceremony venues, including much needed income for Ilam Church.


Accordingly, Ilam Parish Council supports the application but would like to see certain conditions applied, some of which the applicant has already undertaken to observe:

·       At each evening event there should be at least one staff member (excluding catering staff) for every 30 guests.

·       One staff member should have specific responsibility for ensuring that doors are kept closed at all times except when guests are entering and exiting.

·       Another staff member should have specific responsibility for managing parking.

·       All picking up and setting down by coaches should be in the yard and not on the road.

·       All music should finish by 11:30 p.m.

·       All non-resident guests should leave the venue by midnight.

·       The maximum number of attendees at any event should not exceed 120..

·       The daytime recreation area should be in a field behind the buildings and not adjacent to the road.  Therefore the red line on document 3572-01B (Location Plan, Site Plan and Car Parking) should be extended to include the field to the east of the barn.