10 May 2016 @ 7.00pm Ilam School


Present -††††††††††††† T Prince, C Sellers, V Nottage, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, R Wain, S Hudson,

P Watson (Clerk), P Mortimer (NT), Z Stevens (NT)


      Minutes of the meeting held on 12 May 2015 were read and signed as true and correct.†

Chairmanís Report

      T Prince remarked that it had been his most difficult year as Chairman, unlike previous years where there were few disputes and most issues were resolved fairly easily.

      The parking problems continue and the Good Friday road blockages were terrible.† We have very limited power and those who we expect to keep control of stupid and inconsiderate parking also seem powerless.† We are hoping for some helpful ideas to improve matters in future though the meeting with the County Council still hasnít happened.

      Fortunately the annoyance from the low-flying Tiger Moth seems to have reduced as it seems to be keeping closer to the 1,500 feet minimum altitude that it should maintain over places such as Dovedale.

      Drains problems continue but some progress is expected as the culvert that is believed to go up to the gate opposite the school seems to have been found by Ilam Hall gates.† This should lead to the openings people remember being reinstated soon thus keeping the water and debris coming down the hill away from the village centre.

      The dead oak tree in the village is still a source of annoyance to the residents.

      As regards planning:

o        River Lodge was straightforward although we felt the extension should have been two stories instead of one.† That conversion is almost complete.

o        The Council was impressed by the quality of the application for David Wainís house on Ilam Moor Lane.† I understand that Peak Park is waiting to hear from NT about the covenant on the land before giving permission.

o        The retrospective application for Lower Damgate Farm, which has been ongoing for nine or ten months has given me more sleepless nights than anything in the last thirty years.† Because of my involvement with the wedding business at Beechenhill I have had to take a back seat in decision making over the Councilís responses.† I am relieved that the application will go to the Peak Park planning committee where both parties will be able to put their cases.

      The Dovedale House situation has been raised a few times Ė everyone hopes it can be run to be a thriving business and becomes again a positive force in the village

      The Highways Team must come in for some praise as they have been very good to respond to the Clerk and Councillorsí requests and have made good progress repairing potholes.

      This year we have joined the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association, which has been a great help to both me and the Clerk as to how planning applications, meetings and Council business should be handled.

      Thanks to Paul Watson for his work as Clerk: the running of the Parish Council, maintaining the website and his willingness to do the business of the Council.

      Thanks also to the Parish Councillors for their excellent attendance at meetings; itís much better having everyoneís views when discussing things.† Also thanks to District Councillor Wain who has attended most of our meetings and contributed to discussions.†

      At last the Dovedale toilets have been upgraded and NT has taken responsibility again after five years of apparently being in denial about them.† Our thanks go to Councillor Wain for securing £5,000 to assist in the work.

      NTís continued attendance at meetings has been excellent and itís good to get an early insight into their plans.

      I should end on a positive note.† The Izaac Walton seems to be doing well and the post meeting trips to the Old Dog have provided a good opportunity for social interaction and informal discussion.

      Thanks to everyone for giving me your support for another year.

Financial Report

      Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2016 were adopted and signed.

Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman

      T Prince was nominated and seconded as Chairman and elected unopposed.

      C Sellers was nominated and seconded as Vice-Chairman and elected unopposed