27 October 2015 @ 8:00 pm Ilam School

Present -                T Prince, C Sellers, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, V Nottage, R Wain, S Hudson

E Wain (District Councillor), P Watson (Clerk), P Mortimer (NT)

Minutes of the meeting held on 08 September were read and signed as true and correct.

Matters Arising

      Planting of shrubs and bulbs is in hand.  The Council approved expenditure on compost, etc. by Brenda Anderson for flowers around the base of the monument and the Clerk will write to thank her for her efforts to date.

      The meeting about parking is delayed due to Mark Deaville’s illness and will probably take place after Christmas.

      E Wain will contact Emma Stone at Peak Park regarding Dovedale Toilets so he can prepare and promote the business case for SMDC’s financial support.

National Trust

      P Mortimer gave news on future plans and said that the new Master Plan’s development is in progress, with village consultations due in February and plans finalised in April.  He asked for comments on NT’s “Spirit of Peace” document.  Councillors asked for a clear YHA sign be erected and for the dead tree to be removed.

Peak District Rural Housing Association  - The Clerk has the Annual Report for anyone to read if they are interested.

Douglas McMillan Hospice - The Councillors decided not to make a donation or invite a speaker.


      £1149.05 in the account.  This sum has built up because provision had to be made for expenses in case the PC election was contested.  Councillors will consider ideas to use the funds in time for the next meeting.  Meanwhile, flower barrels and village signs, such as Thorpe’s, were suggested.  The Clerk will investigate the cost of village signs.

Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

      It was agreed that the Council will join the Association to gain the benefits of legal advice and training, etc.

      The Council approved the Chairman’s attendance at the Association’s Development Control Course, which will address how to respond to planning applications in the light of the latest legislation.


      R Wain couldn’t unblock the drains on Lodge Lane so the Clerk will request Highways Department to jet them out as a matter of urgency as the silt build-up could easily cause a vehicle to skid off the road.

      The Clerk will request that a “no through road” sign be put at the start of the road to Castern Hall.

      Wetton PC has asked if Ilam PC will join them in objecting to the latest highways repair regime of tar spraying and loose chippings.  However, the Councillors feel they do not have sufficient experience of this to lend their support.

      Torrential water still runs down past the school after heavy rain.  Councillors will take pictures then arrange a meeting with Highways Department to discuss new drains needed.

      The potholes by Rushley shed are now very bad – the Clerk will report this to Highways Department.

Planning Decisions - Recent planning applications by D Wain and Ilam Hall have been approved by Peak Park.


      The Council are in favour of the proposed filming for “Heidi – Queen of the Mountains” in Dovedale.  The Clerk will advise the Location Manager and ask when the filming will take place.

      The Clerk reported on the NHS proposals to prevent people staying in hospital longer than they need to and advised that the nearest public event will be at Leek on 20 November.

      Ilam School’s Head Teacher has written thanking the PC for their recent donation.

Planning Application for Lower Damgate Farm

      Councillor Hibbert-Foy left the meeting as she is the applicant.  T Prince declared an interest as couples often wed at his premises then go to Lower Damgate Farm for the reception.   The Agent, Ken Wainman, gave a short presentation and answered questions about the application.

      The Council discussed the application in the light of objections from a neighbour and, following a site visit on 30 October, decided to support it while recommending certain conditions to minimise annoyance to the neighbour.

Next Meeting

12 January 2016.