08 September 2015 @ 8:00 pm Ilam School

Present -                T Prince, C Sellers, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, V Nottage, R Wain, P Watson (Clerk)

Apologies -            S Hudson, E Wain (District Councillor)


      Minutes of the meeting held on 28 July were read and signed as true and correct.

Matters Arising

      C Sellers advised the meeting that people now park in the area where it was intended to plant bulbs.  So it will be better to plant bushes.  She will probably be able to provide these but the meeting agreed that she could buy some if need be.

      The meeting approved expenditure of up to £50 for C Hibbert-Foy to plant bulbs in the triangle opposite Park Cottage.  She will discuss with D Frith before planting as he regularly mows this area.

      The Clerk advised the meeting that only the Civil Aviation Authority can deal with noise pollution and low flying by the Tiger Moth aircraft from Darley Moor.  He has lodged an official complaint and awaits a response.  Meanwhile he will write to the Izaak Walton Hotel advising them how to also lodge a complaint if they feel that their guests are being inconvenienced.


      A message from E Wain advises that it will not be possible to extend the yellow lines any further as this will just move the problem – not resolve it.  A meeting will be arranged with Mark Deville and Gill Heath to discuss the problem.

National Trust

      There was no further news on NT’s plans – these are expected to be raised at the next meeting.

Peak Park

      The Peak Park Property Manager advises that Dovedale toilets will be fully refurbished and the outlet pipe enlarged.  Funds to achieve this (including the offer of £10,000 from SMDC) have been identified.  A 20p usage charge will then be levied to cover the cost of maintenance.

      Planning applications by David Wain for a second agricultural building and by YHA for structural stonework repairs to Ilam Hall were approved by the Council.

      Following recent planning changes it may now be possible to do something about the derelict barn on Ilam Moor which has become an eyesore and could collapse, endangering walkers on the adjacent public footpath.  The Clerk will write to the Peak Park to see if anything can be done about it.


      The Councillors decided not to attend the discussions on GP out-of-hours services.


      Various issues were noted for the Highways Team to address on their forthcoming visit.  The Clerk will write to them.

      Some of the new drains on Lodge Lane are blocked.  R Wain will attempt to clear them.


      £841.00 in the account.


      The Clerk will send a letter of appreciation to the retiring vicar, Annie Ballard.

      The Clerk will write to the YHA Manger at Ilam Hall with an invitation to future meetings.

      The Chairman advised that a matter has very recently arisen which on which he needs to take advice before proceeding further.  Then he may need to call extraordinary Council Meeting, possibly in two week’s time.

Next Meeting

      10 November 2015.