28 July 2015 @ 8:00 pm Ilam School

Present -                T Prince, C Sellers, L Oulsnam, C Hibbert-Foy, S Hudson,

E Wain (SMDC), P Bolam (Police), D Nettleton (Police), S Nicholas (NT), P Watson (Clerk)

Apologies -            V Nottage


      Minutes of the meeting held on 12 May were read and signed as true and correct.


      Problems of obstructive parking in and around the village were discussed with photographs shown by C Sellers.  The Police explained that parking enforcement is now a County Council responsibility but the Police can prosecute in the case of “Dangerous Parking”.  However, the threshold for prosecution is far above the level of obstruction in Ilam.  Various solutions were suggested, e.g. traffic cones, more yellow lines, creating passing places and villagers marshalling traffic using NT’s 2-way radios.  As a first step, E Wain will ask County Councillor Mark Deville, cabinet member for transport and highways, to visit Ilam for discussions, preferably at a weekend when the problem is most severe.

National Trust

      NT recorded their thanks to the Church for their assistance during the Eroica cycle event.

      NT will be asking for comments from the Parish Council when their plan is completed later in the year.

      As an experiment, Sports Afternoons will be organised in Ilam Park.

      C Hibbert-Foy reminded NT that there are still problems with tangled barbed wire on the footpath near Hall Dale. 

Peak Park

      E Wain talked to Emma Stone of Peak Park, who had no knowledge of the situation regarding Dovedale toilets.  She undertook to investigate and call back but has not done so yet – he will contact her again.

      Planning permission has been granted for the gazebo at the Izaak Walton.  A new planning application has been submitted by D Wain for a second agricultural building on Ilam Moor Lane.  The Council approve of the application.

      It was noted that Councillor Lesley Roberts has been appointed as Parish Member to the National Park Authority.

      The latest Peak Park Parishes Forum newsletter advises that Parishes Day and the Forum’s AGM are due to take place on Saturday 03 October.  A representative from the Council may decide to attend when more details have been received.

County Council

      Proposed changes to the mobile library service and details of the new Minerals Local Plan were noted – more details are available on the County Council website.


      The drains in the village have (at last) been cleared satisfactorily.

      A replacement lengthsman has not been found but the Highways Department advise that the verges will be cut back in the next few weeks.


      The Council agreed to support the school in its effort to gain lottery funding for a project to furnish the recently expanded outdoor space at the school and approved a donation of £100 from Council funds towards the project.  NT also offered to give support with materials, etc.


      £991.00 in the account.

      £50 to be paid to SMDC for election charges


      The insurance has been switched back to AON, who offered a very reasonable 3-year deal.


      A catalogue for bulbs has been received and passed to C Sellers to organise purchase.

      Frequent overflying of the parish by pleasure flights from Darley Moor is causing annoyance.  The Clerk will raise the issue with Peak Park.

Next Meeting

      08 September 2015.